Sexual Freak

Sexual Freak (2006)
Digital Playground
Cast: Jesse Jane, Sunny Lane, Marie Luv
Extras: Behind-the-scenes Clip, Photo Gallery, Biography

The arrival of adult movies in the high definition arena are something that could mean a great many things. Many say it will be the tipping point and not only will porn determine the outcome of the format war, but it will also firmly entrench high definition video discs in the mainstream. Personally, I think neither could be further from the truth, but of course, only time will tell.

With grainy images of cheap porn productions that are eternally underlit, forever featuring noise and washed out colors in our minds, it is hard to imagine sometimes that pornography ion high definition could be something anyone would look forward to, really. Considering that the glut of adult content these days is made up of amateurish productions without even the remotes of production values or quality, plus featuring performers that are neither attractive nor photogenic, high def porn is definitely something I am a bit reluctant about.

Along comes Digital Playgrounds HD-DVD version of "Sexual Freak," an adult film that puts that notion to a quick end. For every 20 low grade quality, primal garage video shoot there is also a classy and stylish production that does have quality and eroticism in mind. And it is productions like those that feature not only attractive models, nice set-ups, atmospheric lighting and overall beauty, that do make pornography a valid high definition mainstay.

"Sexual Freak" features Jesse Jane, a busty blonde with all the right assets and an attractive face, in various scenarios of lovemaking. Complemented by a few other girl models and performers to give a bit of variety, the production doesn't even try to set up a story or plot, and plays more like a series of unconnected vignettes showcasing the sexual preferences and pleasures of each.

The production is very pleasing to the eye with soft lighting that accentuates the bodies and the action, instead of giving it the harsh amateur quality of most productions. Evidently, the film has been shot using high definition equipment, because it does reveal a very high level of definition. This is clearly not a standard definition video tape upconverted simply to apply the high definition moniker to it. This is a real high definition production and it shows in every frame. Mind you however, this is a 720p production and presentation, and not a full-fledged 1080p presentation, so the level of detail is markedly improved over standard definition releases yet still leaves room for resolution increase in the future.

Colors are nice and warm, well saturated but never bleeding. The definition if very good with very good detail and capable of perfectly reproducing the silky texture of skin and the overall production design. Black levels are solid and give the image good visual depth without ever creating that cheap, murky look found in too many adult films.

Most importantly, the models are beautiful and they are beautifully photographed. No need to be afraid of extreme close-ups of acne-ridden teenies or pimpled behinds in this release, as everything about the production is tasteful and pleasing.

The release also contains a number of extras, such as a photo gallery and biography, as well as a great behind-the-scenes clip, which definitely deserves to be seen because it is, infact, quite humorous.

I was very pleasantly surprised about the quality of this release. It is a high quality porn movie that actually deserves to be seen in high definition. Digital Playground shows once again that they not only know how to produce a high quality, pleasingly erotic adult movie but also how to properly present it in a next generation format. Great work! Let's keep the quality of productions like this and adult releases could in fact become a driving force for high definition adoption.