House Of Dreams

House Of Dreams (1997)
David Entertainment

Every once in a while a gem appears in the mostly unlikely genres. This time it’s in the adult movie section, as DaVid Entertainment’s "House Of Dreams" is one of those rare, attractively stylish adult movies.

Unlike most other adult productions, based on explicit graphics poorly strung together, with bad acting and stupid makeshift storylines, "House Of Dreams" has a certain quality that sets it miles apart from the rest. It does not even try to set up a story for people to act, but instead creates flowing, dreamlike sequences of artistic and beautiful imagery, skillfully put together by director Andrew Blake. It features some of the most stylish and charming photography found in adult filmmaking.

Gone are the harsh lights with hard edges and shadows which give the scenery an almost clinical edge. It also lacks the cheap home-video style qualities conveyed by too many movies in the genre. Blake paints with his camera, using different color schemes and tasteful lighting to create soft, atmospheric visions and truly erotic imagery. The same striking beauty holds true for all of

"House Of Dreams"’s actresses. There is no room for orange skin, stretch marks, or pimply teenagers in this movie; instead of trying to display skills they don’t possess, Blake’s voyeuristic camera concentrates on their most attractive peculiarity, their fascinating beauty, and the erotic moments of true love-making.

The natural, smooth editing style creates a tapestry of highly seductive images that almost feel like high gloss centerfolds come to live. It’s a perfect example how sensitive skillfully crafted adult movies can look.

DaVid Entertainment have nicely transferred this movie to DVD from an original 35mm film print. The image is crisp and sharp and does not exhibit any signs of <$pixelation,pixelation>. The movie’s colors are vivid and stable without a hint of <$chroma,chroma noise>. Starring Zara Whites, Ashlyn Gere and Jeanna Fine, "House Of Dreams" is definitely one of the most erotic and attractive adult movies on the market. If you have always wondered when you will finally find an XXX-rated movie that has a true spark of romantic intimacy, here it is!