Crazy Love

Crazy Love (2000)
Vivid Interactive

Any good adult film should contain a certainly fantasy element. No matter how "realistic" the story tries to be, the movie should involve some aspects that are totally unrealistic, but reflect what a healthy sexual fantasy would be like. In this regards, "Crazy Love" succeeds as an adult film. Above and beyond the film’s main story, there are several elements that fall into the realm of "things that never happen in real life" and that’s typically the kind of situations that work best in porn.

Ellis (John Morgan) and Maria (Asia Carrera) are a couple who write novels together. However, they haven’t been able to complete their latest manuscript, despite the fact that it’s due in seven days. Their agent (played by genre vet Joey Silvera) threatens to sue them if they don’t turn in the finished book. Sensing a tension between the couple, their agent recommends that they see a therapist. As they visit the therapist (played by Kylie Ireland), they disclose that their troubles stem from the fact that Ellis has sex with their teenaged neighbor. In (vivid) flashbacks, they both recount their version of the story. Ellis claims that he was asleep and thought it was Maria trying to seduce him. Maria claims that Ellis enticed the girl to their house and then seduced her. The therapist decides that the couple must "physicalize" (is that a word?) their feelings towards one another and encourages them to have sex — right there on the couch! Soon, the therapist is joining in as well! But, will this therapeutic procedure work, or will Ellis continue to stray? More importantly, will the novel ever get completed?

As mentioned above, it’s the fantasy elements in "Crazy Love" that really make it work. The scene in which Ellis is dozing by the pool and a beautiful young woman pulls off his shorts is classic male fantasy material. And the scene in which the therapists assists the couple with their love making is woefully unrealistic, but very hot. Also, there are no condoms used in this film. While the use of condoms is very important in the adult film industry, it can detract from the fantasy element at times (Does anyone fantasize about wearing a condom?), and their absence makes "Crazy Love" feel more like a sweet dream. Incidentally, don’t be fooled by the DVD cover art, which depicts Asia Carrera wearing a strait-jacket and the classic adline, "And all she wore…was a Freudian slip." The cover suggests that the movie takes place in an institution, but it doesn’t. It simply deals with a couple who go to see a therapist, and they certainly do get to see a lot of her!

"Crazy Love" contains seven separate sex scenes, although two are happening simultaneously and are edited together. These scenes deal mostly with male-female couplings with one lesbian scene and one scene featuring a threesome, and I think you know who the threesome is. Overall, the sex in the film is very straightforward and never kinky. Actually, the lesbian scene is about as far from the norm as the film gets. This all points to the fact that "Crazy Love" is a great film for couples who are looking for a film that is a turn-on as opposed to a gross-out. All of the scenes are very erotic and stylish, with no garrish photography or shots that get too anatomical. For the most part, "Crazy Love" features sexual activities that most couples participate in, and can therefore relate to, combined with the spicy fantasy element that makes the film very erotic.

Wave DVD is a wing of Vivid, and as with any Vivid product, the "Crazy Love" DVD doesn’t disappoint. The film is presented full-frame and is with a bit of noticeable film grain. But overall, the image is clear and sharp, with no obvious defects from the source print. There are two audio tracks on the "Crazy Love" DVD, a Dolby 2-channel surround mix and a <$DD,Dolby Digital> <$5.1,5.1 mix>. In all honesty, the only real difference here is that the <$5.1,5.1 mix> is louder. While watching the <$5.1,5.1 mix>, you’ll notice that all of the dialogue and sound effects are still focused on the center and front channels. The only thing coming from the rear channels is the music. So, if you were expecting to be surrounded by erotic grunts and groans, forget about it. You’re only going to be surrounded by the film’s eclectic soundtrack. (Is that the music from the "Parasite Eve" video game during the threesome scene?)

The "Crazy Love" DVD is chock full of extras, such as a series of bonus scenes. We are also offered bios on the "Wave Girls" and a promo for the Vivid website. On the Wave Bonus Side of the DVD, there are more special features. Of course, there are previews for other features, ten to be exact. And as we all know, the previews contain the best parts of the films.
It’s difficult to find a good couple’s erotic film, because it can be hard to fit the tastes of two people. However, "Crazy Love" may be a good candidate for the couple’s movie that you’ve been looking for. It offers many scenes featuring hot, erotic sex, but it never gets too kinky or wild. Also, the film has a decent storyline that opens the door to many fantasy elements. Overall, "Crazy Love" is a good adult film that offers something for everyone.