Babylon (1999)
Vivid Interactive

In the current release batch from Vivid Interactive an interesting movie was included that deserved a second look. The release is called "Babylon" and packaging and screenshots on the box gave an appetite for this lush looking production. Unlike most other Vivid releases the screenshots revealed a stylish production that resembled much more a feature film than an ordinary adult production.

Indeed, "Babylon" is one of those rare adult films that uses set decorations and atmospheric lighting to create real sets. In this case those of Babylon, a place of vice and sin, as prophesized in the Bible. By accident the film’s luxury blonde bombshell Lexus is pulled into this erotic world when she enters the pool in her backyard. She is tempted, seduced and loved. Everyone in Babylon is eager to embrace her and make her part of his celebration of lust. The action is steamy featuring straight and lesbian scenes, often in threesomes. Personally I could have lived without the backdoor action, but then again that’s certainly everyone’s personal preference.

"Babylon" is once again a very voyeuristic film that uses the camera more to observe and behold the beauty of the models in front of the camera than to exploit the sexual explicitness. Sure, it is a hardcore adult film but it never feels sleazy or cheap. Through the colorful settings and the stylish lighting, the film has a very strong visual quality that is hard to beat.

The disc is adequately compressed without overly obtrusive compression artifacting. Noise is evident throughout but since most of you will be very focussed on the presentation on the screen, you will soon overlook that aspect of the disc. The same is true for the audio presentation of "Babylon". Although thin and tinny sounding at times, the disc has a much better frequency response than most other Vivid releases. Once again it seems to have paid off to use the sets and decorations, as they seem to allow for better miking.

There is some limited acting in the film and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality displayed. It too seems to be much better than your usual home-made-feeling release where the actors and actresses are constantly embarrassing themselves when talking a single line.

It has become standard for all of Vivid Interactive’s releases to feature multi-angle presentations and to have the disc filled on two sides to the rim. It is hence hardly surprising to see that "Babylon" also features 4 hours of adult entertainment, presented in various forms, such as interactive games, trailers, previews and bonus clips. The interactive living rooms on the disc give viewers access to a plethora of hidden steamy clips from other Vivid releases and the complete content of the disc seems almost inexhaustible. Vivid has also updated its presentation clips for the Vivid girls, and he replaced some of the starlets with some of the latest Vivid girls, like Devon and Raylene.

It turned out that "Babylon" can indeed live up to the promising images shown on the packaging design. It is stylish, well photographed and choreographed and it is highly erotic with its beautifully seductive pictures. Grab your partner and give this disc a try, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.