Manic Behavior

Manic Behavior (1998)
Vivid Interactive

A few months ago Vivid Interactive started blowing up their DVD releases even more than before. For a company that had continually delivered more content than any of its competitors this was a massive step, because Vivid is now giving you 4 hours of adult entertainment on each of their current releases. Spread over two sides of a DVD these hours of entertainment are accumulated through a plethora of supplements aside from the disc’s feature presentation.

"Manic Behavior" is one of Vivid Interactive’s latest releases, and we thought it is time to take a look at what the market leader in adult entertainment has to offer its fans with these discs. The result is quite amazing and the discs truly deliver what the company’s advertising promises. You can indulge yourself in hours of material found on this disc.

Vivid is well known for its stylish presentations and although sometimes the films themselves do not live up to these standards, Vivid never really creates or supports the image of cheap and sleazy porn. Each of their discs always opens with a photo-shoot-like presentation of one of their models, stylishly made up and arranged like glamour shots. This disc makes no difference. Upon insertion you will be greeted by a seductive introductory sequence of Lexus, one of Vivid’s hottest stars. The feature presentation itself is a somewhat obscure story, I have to admit, and the packaging sums it up like this – "She’s Compulsive. Insatiable and horny. She spits at cops and swears in court."

Well, I couldn’t have put it better, because for a film that has no story at all, this is a pretty accurate description of what you will see. Dialog is almost not existent in this film, which is good because the little acting I get to see and hear is not very encouraging. It makes me wonder why those girls and guys don’t spend some dollars on an acting lesson or two, or why Vivid isn’t forcing them to. Apart from that the film is well photographed however, with natural lighting settings that don’t appear too harsh. It even surprises the viewer with rather smooth images and soft shadows at times. The plot quickly takes you from one sexual encounter to another without much glue in between. As it has become standard on all of Vivid’s releases, the disc makes good use of DVD’s multiple angle capabilities, allowing you to switch between any of four cameras during large portions of the film. "Manic Behavior" is featuring Raylene as the main model, supposedly one of Vivid’s up-and-coming new girls, considering the exposure she gets in this feature, as well as Nick East, Tony Tedeshi, Teri Starr and India.

Apart from this direct-to-video production you will quickly find more exciting material on this disc. From the standard presentations of some of the Vivid girls and previews of other films, you find an interactive living room and the Vivid game on this side of the disc. Once you flip the DVD over and insert the other side however, you will be able to access yet another 2 hours of specials and materials, including blooper reels from various Vivid productions as well as extensive preview scenes from other releases. These previews are quite lengthy in their presentation and appear more like excerpts from the actual films than the flashy fast edited trailers found on their earlier discs. These previews run easily 10 minutes or more each. Besides these features there’s more information on the girls and more interactive rooms and games to go through and discover. The wealth of material seems endless and it can immerse you for hours. The compression is generally quite good although artifacts are visible in a large number of scenes. Colors are vibrant and stable throughout.

Once again, Vivid Interactive is bolstering its market lead in the adult sector with material and features no one else offers. What you get here for your money is highly recommendable.