Country Comfort

Country Comfort (1999)
Vivid Interactive

With "Country Comfort", Vivid Interactive introduces viewers to one of their new Vivid girls, the seductive blonde Devon, and interestingly with this introduction, Vivid throws a film in the ring that is quite substantially different from many of their other releases. Starting out with a nicely photographed garden scene, full with colorful flowers and bushes, the viewer is held at a distance for the most part, enhancing the feel of a voyeur, ultimately adding to the eroticism as we watch the couple in the distance making love. This would not be a Vivid release if the camera wouldn’t eventually close in on the couple, but especially in the beginning of the film, this technique creates a sizzling atmosphere that is perfect to establish such a movie.

But even after this scene the filmmakers make sure his visuals are always tastefully composed. With nice framings, colorful settings and stylish photography, his images often resemble glamour shots, nut unlike the ones you see on Vivid’s packaging designs. With these pictures, all of a sudden adult entertainment takes on a very attractive and seductive note that the viewer can hardly escape while watching "Country Comfort".

Devon is Vivid’s latest entry in the long list of girls featured in their films, and it becomes quickly obvious why she was chosen to head the film. Just like the film’s stylish visual presentation, she has an innocent quality about herself that is so very different from the look of many other adult actresses. Her looks and mannerisms are not tough like those of most other actresses, but have an implicit sweetness that very well serves the general softness of this film. Don’t get me wrong, though, we are still talking hard core adult entertainment – but with a very attractive kick. Like all other Vivid Interactive release, "Country Comfort" utilizes the multiple-angle capabilities of the DVD format quite extensively. Shot with various cameras, the film allows you to change your point of view in most of the steamy scenes, once again, greatly enhancing the stylish, somewhat subdued, voyeuristic flair of the disc. Much to my surprise this disc has a somewhat better compression than many of the other Vivid releases. The production looks rich and has nicely saturated colors. Certainly the fact that this film contains various well-lit scenes, as opposed to the murky interior shots of many other releases, makes it much easier for Vivid to compress the film to DVD. It was a truly pleasant surprise and makes me hope for their future titles.

Like all other DVD releases from Vivid Interactive, this disc is stuffed with supplements. Although the bonus materials don’t change too much from release to release, Vivid seems to be mixing a number of supplements on each of the discs, to avoid absolute uniqueness of their numerous releases. The disc contains a number of trailers for other DVD releases, as well as teaser clips for the hottest Vivid girls. Interactive living rooms with hidden clips from a large number of films can also be found from the disc’s main menu. The second side of the disc is filled with an endless array of other games, and clips that seems literally inexhaustible to the viewer. In total this disc contains about 4 hours of adult entertainment. Although the feature film is certainly the main attraction, these additional snippets, clips and trailers add immensely to make this release so attractive. While being entertaining, these sometimes quite extensive outtakes from other Vivid releases, give you a good feel for their other titles and might actually spur your interest in some of them.

If this release is any indication for the kind of films we can expect from Vivid’s new starlet Devon in the future, I am convinced she will be one of the hottest stars in the adult industry in no time. This film is a very welcome and refreshing breather in the flood of adult entertainment films.