MisSpelled (1999)
VCA Interactive
Cast: Kylie Ireland, Cloe, Alexandra Silk, Tina Tyler
Extras: Trailers

For some reason I always find it interesting and very appealing when an adult movie breaks away from the standard wham-bam production formula and creates and atmosphere and surrounding that is more picturesque than the clinical and almost emotionless atmosphere found in most such films. VCA Interactive presents such an intriguing entry in the adult segment with their release "Misspelled." The cover already promises a somewhat different flair and upon inserting the film, we are thrown into a story of witchcraft, in which the Wicca uses her abilities to satisfy her own sexual desires.

Although the entire film is set in modern day surroundings, the intrigue from the ’magical’ approach never really wears off and gives the film a nice backdrop as we watch the steamy action on the screen. The film is not nearly as voyeuristic as some of the other movies we have recommended here and soon creates a real hard-core feeling, but still the presentation is always tasteful and sizzling. Kylie Ireland, Chloe and Alexandra Silk are the main models in the film and since they are beautiful and luscious, watching their sexual escapades in "Misspelled" creates some very erotic moments.

VCA Interactive is one of the few adult movie publishers who make best use of the DVD format in terms of their film’s visual presentation. No other adult releases reach the quality of their transfer or the quality of their compression. Although coming from video sources, the pictures are always clear without appearing muddy, and they are always well defined with only slight signs of <$chroma,chroma noise>, bleeding or other video artifacts. There are also no noticeable compression artifacts in the presentation and the color reproduction of the disc is very faithful, rendering fleshtones very naturally. Although there are occasional lighting problems evident in the production that create very harsh shadows and highlights and fully translate into the DVD, the majority of the footage is well produced, and converted and makes for a high quality presentation on this disc.

"Misspelled" contains a <$DD,Dolby Digital> soundtrack in stereo that is also well produced, without showing overly obtrusive ambient environments. The tracks sound generally tight and well produced. The disc comes with a few supplements, which are mostly limited to biographies of some of the main starlets appearing in the film. However those give you direct access to scenes featuring that particular model in the film, which is a nice touch, if you want to give each of them a quick check-up.

This is a great release from VCA Interactive and with its 101 minutes running length it offers plenty of steamy sex in various combinations that offer something for everyone. The movie also takes its time for each set-up, giving the scenes time to build in intensity in front of the viewer’s eyes. Still, the release is not as glossy as I would personally wish it were, but at the same time it is not as cut-and-dry as the majority of releases. It strikes a good balance between romantic eroticism and hardcore porn that makes it very appealing and enjoyable to watch.

If completely voyeuristic adult movies are too soft for you, and if you’re not a real fan of the fast-paced, rough and harsh adult material that appears to be the currently mainstream, "Misspelled" could be a great choice for you. It is definitely a hot release that will get viewers excited and aroused.