Peepers (1999)
VCA Interactive

As the days get shorter and the nights much colder, it is also a good time to take a look at some of the sizzling hot releases the adult industry is offering us of late. "Peepers" is one of VCA Pictures’ recent releases, starring VCA starlet Kylie Ireland and Julian in the main parts, supported by a roster of beautiful girls and guys.

The first thing that is noticeable about this release is its production value. Not only is the presentation of the DVD rather slick with a single layer picture disc, a glamour cover artwork and an attractive menu design, but also the presentation of the film itself on this DVD is a good notch above the usual crop.

The film follows the haps of a female private eye, as she is spying and listening in on various people – hence the name Peepers. As a result the entire film has a very voyeuristic feel without the need for a great deal dialogue. Never being blatantly open or clinically sterile it often keeps a good distance between the viewer and the objects for a while, before the director decides it is time to close in on the action. But even then, the camera is always carefully observing without intruding in the action. This approach give the film a very intimate and sensual approach, something I truly enjoy in adult movies.

The image quality on this DVD is quite remarkable. Although the footage is clearly coming from a video source, which is usually prone to a large number of subtle and not-so-subtle artifacts, the quality of the visual presentation on this DVD is very impressive. There are no compression artifacts noticeable and the color reproduction of the disc is very faithful. Although there are occasional lighting problems, which fully translate into the DVD, the majority of the footage is well produced, and converted and makes for a high quality presentation on this disc.

The disc contains a stereo <$DD,Dolby Digital> audio track that is also well produced and natural sounding, without the distant recording ambience found in many other adult titles. Dialogues are always understandable, while the music is carefully mixed into the film, without completely drowning out everything else.

The disc contains a few supplements, although nothing truly spectacular. There are cast biographies about some of the main starlets appearing in the film, a photo gallery and information on some other releases from VCA Pictures.

This is a very tastefully done release that immediately caught my eye. From the menus to the film, everything in this release has been stylishly assembled and presented, always with a good hint of eroticism that is often lost in other adult releases. Although "Peepers" is indeed a hardcore adult film, it manages to maintain a visual style that is always attractive and delicate, while at the same time turning the heat as high as any other release out there. For long cold winter nights, this is a release you should definitely check out.