A Geisha’s Secrets

A Geisha’s Secrets (1999)
Vivid Interactive

"A Geisha’s Secret" is once again a film quite different from many of Vivid’s adult films. Released under their "Vivid Wave" label, this disc offers adult entertainment with a different note and a different flair. As the title suggests, the film mostly focuses on Asian girls, and develops rather slowly and stretches all of its sex scenes quite a bit. Abridged only with small set-ups the film doesn’t try to establish a narrative like many other Vivid films do, and as a result saves the actors and actresses in the film many embarrassing moments. They do most of their talking with their bodies.

The film’s supposed premise is about the secrets of Japanese Geisha’s how to please their men and themselves. Interestingly hardly any of the girls in the film are actually Japanese and although oriental it makes the entire story feel a bit out of place, although I can see that many people probably just don’t care.

"AGeisha’s Secret" is beautifully photographed and creates a nice atmosphere for the steamy scenes. The disc does not offer the multi-angle feature that is found on most other Vivid releases. Given the rather artistic approach of the film at times it makes sense that the film is edited for looks instead of giving viewers the liberty to move the camera all over the place, thus destroying the visual integrity of the film. The disc features a great musical track that is highly reminiscent of meditation and relaxation music, and once again creates a very soft and enveloping environment for the images. Since the action in the film never gets raunchy, the music is undisturbed for most part throughout the film, simply going along with the erotic images on the screen. "A Geisha’s Secret" also almost evenly balances lesbian scenes with couples, making sure to make each of the segments appealing and arousing.

While the images are well composed at time unfortunately the film lacks some color. The presentation looks somewhat washed out due to the flat lighting of the sets and its lack of real set decoration. Other releases like "Country Comfort" do a much better visual job on that end, but "A Geisha’s Secret" managed to capture the mysticism of the Orient instead, presenting it nicely on this disc.

As all other releases from Vivid, this disc contains 4 hours of sizzling content. Apart from the feature film you will find an endless array of clips and trailers on this disc, showcasing many of Vivid’s models and a large number of its other titles. The content is once again slightly different from some of the other Vivid releases to make sure viewers always find something new and exciting on the releases. It is always a great way to spur interest in some of the company’s other titles and usually covers the entire spectrum from their more voyeuristic, erotic films targeted at couples to raunchy hard-core action.

Once again Vivid shows us that hard core adult entertainment can be pleasing to the senses. "A Geisha’s Secret" shows us that not every adult release is dripping of sleaze and that not every girl is screaming down the house while approaching an orgasm. This release is a stylish film that is appealing throughout and can be highly recommended to lovers of adult films who see lovemaking as something intimate, romantic and erotic.