Nightbreed (1999)
Vivid Interactive

Although a number of titles from Vivid’s catalog are rather stylish and slick, further and further getting away from the sleazy image that adult movies used to have, “Nightbreed” came as a complete and pleasant surprise to me. Starring Christy Canyon, Jill Kelly and Nici Sterling, the movie is not only a sexually super-charged adult film, but also a piece of beautiful, elegant photography with sensual imagery and tastefully picked music that vastly enhances the atmosphere.

Contraire to most other productions, “Nightbreed” also takes things very slowly. The entire 90-minute movie consists of only four sexual encounters, each of them slowly developed and fleshed out however, always intent to create a very stimulating and erotic atmosphere. Veiled views, beautifully lit settings and tastefully designed costumes mark the look of the production. Although it is not obvious from the disc’s packaging, the film is set in a visually appealing masquerade-like medieval scenario that enhances the experience with its lush and colorful costumes.

Slowly observing the action, “Nighbreed” gives the viewer a look at some erotic encounters that are presented in stylish and appealingly warm moments. In the beginning of each segment, the camera is always at a distance, unobtrusively peeking in on the action, slowly closing in until finally giving viewers a full look at the action. It is always very tastefully done however, repeatedly intercut with slow moving long shots that present us the whole setting. As a whole, these segments have the look and feel of well prepared and designed glamour shots, rather than the content of a hardcore adult movie.

Fortunately there is only a minimalist storyline in the film, as the acting is unbearably artificial and stiff during the few moments where dialogue is carried. While the models in the film may be very beautiful to behold with inviting bodies for carnal pleasures, their acting abilities are not nearly up to par.

The presentation on this DVD is nice with a good transfer. Although video artifacts of all sorts are evident in the presentation, the image quality in general is rather good without distracting compression artifacts and powerful colors. The sound quality is a mixed bag. Distant miking makes most of the dialogues indistinguishable form the background noise and creates an ambiance that is bathed in floor noise that sounds very thin. However, the music has been mixed very well and is presented very dominantly. The soft style of the music helps a lot to make “Nightbreed” such an appealing release in the way it underscores the imagery, despite the fact that the dialogue mix is rather poor.

As with most other Vivid releases, the DVD contains two sides of extras, ranging from galleries and teaser trailers to biographies of their most prominent models and interactive living rooms. Once again the materials have been shuffled around a bit to create an interesting mix, bringing in some new graphic layouts and clips. In total the content on this release gives you 4 full hours of steamy hot adult entertainment.

What looks like a regular adult movie on the cover reveals itself as an exceedingly stylish, slick and attractive movie that takes its time to thoroughly enjoy the sexual situations, literally including a visual foreplay to the main course. The result is a classy looking and highly erotic film that is significantly hotter and more tasteful than most off the mill releases you will find accumulating on store shelves