Island Fever 4

Island Fever 4 (2007)
Digital Playground
Cast: Jessie Jane, Teagan Presley, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi, Kinzie Kenner, Marie Luv
Extras: Featurette, Confessional, Short Film, Bora bora moments, Slide Show, Biographies,

Often, when you talk to people about porn in high definition people will make a face and ask whether we really need to see things in adult movies in such clarity. Touché!

In these moments we probably all have either some grainy, underlit 80s porn flick in front of our mind's eye, or we think of some of the amateur garbage that has been flooding the industry for the past years, filled with butt-ugly wannabe starlets who don't even know how to wash their hands, it seems, filmed using some harsh mounted-on-the-camera light. The thought of seeing these in high def indeed makes you shudder and become celibate.

Fortunately for all of us there are people like Digital Playground who seem to have made it a mission to prove to the world that sex in high definition can be erotic, pleasing on the eye and stimulating. With their previous HD-DVD releases the studio has delivered some great-looking films that were incredibly stylish and had so much class that seeing them in high definition almost seemed like the only way to watch them. With "Island Fever 4" the studio now releases the latest entry in their successful series and once again it is everything you could hope for an adult movie to be.

Shot in high definition on location in Bora Bora, the film features some breathtaking backdrops that will make anyone yearn for an instant vacation, no doubt. The lush landscapes, the sandy beaches, beautifully shot with saturated colors create the perfect getaway backdrop that gets you in the right mood. And then come the models… Featuring some of the prettiest girls in their staple, Jessie Jane, Teagan Presley, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi, Kinzie Kenner and Marie Luv, these models are perfectly suited to tempt you and seduce you into watching them satisfy their own pleasures as well as those of their partners. The film features sixteen sex scenes and I promise you, one is hotter than the next. The interesting thing here is that it is my firm opinion that they are so hot and exciting BECAUSE they are in high definition.

Watching Jessie Jane enjoying herself on the sandy beach is one thing. But seeing her do it in such amazing clarity and definition that it truly looks like a glamour photo shoot come to life is quite another thing entirely. The image in this presentation is simply stunning and you will immediately forget that you are watching a video presentation. The tasteful camera work also adds to the experience as there is not a single moment where you get the wham-bam kind of "let's do this and get over with it" feeling found in too many adult productions. This film never feels like a routine. Caressed by the sun, the warm ocean water and the beautiful landscape surrounding them the performers truly seem to enjoy themselves every minute of the performance, turning it into a session of true love making. And it carries across to the viewer. There is no rush, no hurry, no tasteless "oooh baby" – nothing but sensual images, erotic lovemaking and beautiful girls up close.

Coming as the studio's first dual layer disc, the release offers a full 1080p transfer, which is a step up from Digital Playground's previous releases, which came in 720p. As a result the detail and definition will blow your mind. It is hard to describe just how sharp the picture is, how vibrant the colors are and how it all ties together for this incredibly sexy film. The dual layer disc also makes sure there's enough room for the entire film, which runs well over 3 hours.

The verdict on this disc is very simple. It is clearly the best porn movie I have ever seen. Tastefully put together with some great models and backdrops, this disc is at the top of its game. If you ever doubted that high definition adult movies are going to be attractive, slip in this disc and see for yourself. You will find that in fact, porn couldn't be more appealing and pleasing. Quite simply, this is how it's done and Digital Playground has just raised the bar for adult movies on any high definition format so high that I doubt they will be bested any time soon. If there is a high definition adult movie you want to watch, this is the one to get! It rocks!