The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth (2000)
Vivid Interactive

Fans of Janine know that she’s made a career out of doing girl-girl scenes. So, they may be intrigued to learn that in "The Naked Truth", her character is engaged to be married. Does this mean that she’s going to make a change and have sex with a man? Let’s find out.

In "The Naked Truth", Janine is engaged to Steven St. Croix. But, as the wedding day approaches, she begins to have her doubts. Steven just seems too good to be true. Janine’s friends don’t trust him. Janine is very concerned about whether or not Steven will remain faithful to her, as he and his buddies are still womanizers. In the end, Janine turns to her friends for comfort and support… of the sexual kind.

Unlike some other recent genre offerings, "The Naked Truth" is just a good old-fashioned adult film. It doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not. "The Naked Truth" gives us a simple plot, which is simply an excuse for people to have sex. Any film that opens with genre vet Peter North (the man is in every movie!) showing up at Janine’s bachelorette party and seducing the guests is sure to satisfy. At this party, Janine gets very close to Peter North’s manhood, but sticks with the ladies instead. The scene then shifts to Steven St. Croix’s bachelor party, where we find him having his way with the stripper.

Although all of the five sex scenes in "The Naked Truth" are very concise, and to the point, the film still remains very erotic and sexy, because it is. Janine always lights up the screen whenever she appears and "The Naked Truth" also features genre favorites Jenteal and Jill Kelly. The sex in "The Naked Truth" may be simple and basic, but it’s also very hot. It’s refreshing to see a movie that just wants to give the audience what they came there to see.

"The Naked Truth" comes to DVD from Vivid Video. The movie is presented full-frame. "The Naked Truth" was apparently shot on film and looks pretty good. The image is a bit dark at times, but that doesn’t intrude on viewing the action. The image is clear and sharp and only a minor amount of grain is visible. There is no obvious noise or artifacting issues. The colors come across quite nicely, although some shots appear a bit washed out. The audio on "The Naked Truth" DVD is a <$DD,Dolby Digital> 5.1 soundtrack. This soundtrack features music coming from the surround sound speakers, while the dialogue remains in the front and center channels. It would be nice to see an adult film that actually offered full-range surround sound. The DVD also contains a Dolby 2-channel Surround track, but stick with the 5.1 track, simply because it’s louder. (Unless you’re trying to watch the film and not get caught.)

To view the extra features on "The Naked Truth", the viewer must enter and navigate "The Vivid Lounge", which is much easier than Vivid’s old "dungeon" menus. The "Lounge" contains several rooms that offer bonus footage. In the arcade, you will find four scenes, which feature threesomes. There is a "Blonde Babes" room, which has four scenes with… blonde babes. The "Wetware Lounge" offers four scenes that really have no connecting theme, save for that fact that they’re all sex scenes. There are also six previews for other Vivid movies and profiles of seven of the Vivid Girls.

In this age when porno films want to be more mainstream, it’s nice to see a movie that goes back to the roots of the genre. "The Naked Truth" should please old-time fans of adult films, but will also make a good, sexy choice for couples. If you’re in the mood for a film that just wants to show you sex, plain and simple, then "The Naked Truth" is the way to go.