Bride On The Run

Bride On The Run (1999)
VCA Interactive

"Bride on the Run" is a new film from VCA Interactive. As with some other adult video companies, VCA Interactive has its own stable of in-house stars, with "Bride on the Run" featuring one of their brightest stars, Nikita. Despite the title, the film is not a spoof of the recent Julia Roberts hit, although it does deal with some similar themes, as it features a young woman who would rather run off and have "fun" than get married.

In the movie, Nikita is engaged to "The Boss", a gangland ringleader. But, "The Boss" is much older than her, and Nikita is anxious to get out of the engagement. Despite promises of money and power, Nikita avoids "The Boss" and spends her time having sex with the company chauffeur. Meanwhile, the people who work for "The Boss" don’t have time to try and get Nikita back, because they are all too busy having sex.

"Bride on the Run" has a running time of 102 minutes (not the 125 minutes listed on the box) and thus has plenty of time to present the action. The movie has seven sex scenes, most of which run for several minutes. Six of the scenes are straight male-female sex, while one is girl-girl tryst with Nikita and Alexandria Silk. These scenes feature the usual mix of oral sex, intercorse in various positions, and some anal sex. So, in those regards the movie follows the standard porno formula. Most of the scenes are well-shot and imaginative camera angles are in abundance. Of course, the acting in "Bride on the Run" is questionable, but the sex scenes are well-done. There is a welcome lack of annoyingly lame sex talk and the music stays in the background where it should be.

The film has a nice look and was apparently shot with "film look" video. There is only a slight hint of graininess, but the movie doesn’t look washed out. The transfer to a digital medium hasn’t revealed many flaws in the source material, and the picture is quite clear throughout the film. The DVD of "Bride on the Run" features trailers for three other movies, "Dark Garden", "Bliss", and "The Sopornos." There are also talent files and a still gallery. But, unlike many recent adult DVD releases, "Bride on the Run" doesn’t feature multiple-angle capability, which has become an important commodity to many fans.

"Bride on the Run" is much better than many other adult titles on the market today. The plot is very simple and the emphasis is on the sex, rather than on trying to be clever or funny. The film nevers gets too raunchy (although the lesbian scene comes close) and should be enjoyable for most couples. The DVD doesn’t contain as many extra features as some of the other titles out there today, but it does include a pretty good adult film, so viewers must decide which is more important to them.