A Woman Scorned

A Woman Scorned (1990)
Vivid Interactive

When it comes to packaging and presenting adult titles, Vivid Video is clearly leading the pack with no one even remotely close to them. Even in the market of feature film releases, there is not a single publisher that could hold a candle to Vivid when it comes to the overall presentation of their products. This creates some pretty high expectations, which are, sadly, not always completely satisfied in the final product. "A Woman Scorned" is one of those well packaged DVD releases from Vivid with an attractive and tasteful cover, and plenty of high-gloss material inside the Amaray case. Fortunately it is also a release that can indeed live up to the interest generated by its stylish packaging and marketing material. The film is laid out around a man who is accused of having killed his wife and recollects the previous night in front of questioning police officers. He and his wife have been to a wild swinger party and for some reason his wife disappeared somewhat later. Well, forget the story. The film is clearly a vehicle for one of Vivid’s stars, the blonde vixen, Lexus, who rakes in most of the on-screen time. The film is professionally produced and looks slick like most Vivid productions, although the acting between the "action" scenes is as stiff as… you know what.

Just as Vivid pay a lot of attention to their packaging, they also fill their discs with plenty of supplemental material to merchandise and advertise their other films and most importantly their luscious girls. This disc is no different, containing trailers, a gallery with video clips of the most famous Vivid girls, an interactive game that takes you to you additional video clips and another section with even more trailers and video clips. The whole thing is rounded up by an interactive menu, which allows you to go through the sections in an interactive 3D environment. This menu, while sometimes a little sluggish is well done and shows what DVD is capable of when utilized correctly. The fact that this disc contains multiple angles on a vast number of scenes goes almost without saying, as Vivid once again leads the pack in this area. Unlike many other adult publishers, who tend to simply mirror the image for different angles to create the illusion of a different view, Vivid really utilizes this feature to allow the viewer to switch between up to four different cameras, each with a different placement.

"A Woman Scorned" is a good adult release featuring a number of attractive girls in an attractive ambience. The film contains a pretty good musical soundtrack that has unfortunately been mixed a little to low, making the dialog track of the film a little too prominent for my taste. Compression on the disc is good, although you should not expect the kind of top notch quality compression as seen in many of today’s feature film releases. If you like classy adult entertainment, give this disc a try. It might suit you well.