Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins (1988)
Vivid Interactive

It doesn’t happen too often that the release of an adult video publisher makes waves and even gets coverage in the mainstream press although adult releases are finding more exposure these days than ever before. This one got attention from television networks and even the King of all media, Howard Stern himself. The title I am talking about is, of course, Vivid Interactive’s latest release called "Seven Deadly Sins", and the buzz was reason enough for us to take a look and see if the film can keep up with the expectations created by the media blitz. Is this really the highly touted revelation in adult entertainment?

As the title suggests, the release covers the seven biblical sins in a seven separate episodes, each one unrelated to the other. These episodes are without real narrative and simply serve to showcase these different sins in conjunction with sexual intercourse. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t contain much dialogue, which is always good in an adult movie, given the limited acting skills of the cast. On the other hand, the film plays like, well, seven unrelated anecdotes without dramatic highlights. Since adult movies are considered a sin in terms by many people as well, I quite liked the allegory that is made here to create an interesting product.

For the most part the film exposes us to some well-known vivid girls, opening with some blondage in the disc’s opening segment in the shape of Janine. The episodes range from very good and erotic all the way to pretty bad. Especially some of the models in selected episodes just don’t match up to Vivid’s regular standards for some reason. However, the good segments are very good and present us with some sexy set-ups and attractive girls.

This is the first time I have encountered a <$RSDL,dual layer> disc from Vivid. Presented as an attractive picture disc, the DVD contains full 4 hours of content, including the feature presentation, various trailers, playrooms and other clips. The benefit is obvious. You have access to all these materials without having to flip the disc over.

"Seven Deadly Sins" has a very strong stylized approach and look. Bathed in colors many of the scenes have an almost otherworldly feel. While it looks very nice, it has one severe problem. Colors like Red and Green do not go very well with video and easily bleed and generate noise. It seems as if "Seven Deadly Sins" has been recorded with video equipment rather than on film, <$chroma,chroma noise> and color bleeding is clearly evident in a number of those scenes. The compression of the disc is acceptable throughout, although once again, certain segments show an unnatural level of banding and noise. The audio tracks good, and not nearly as thin and bad sounding as many other Vivid productions, and is surprisingly in-your-face.

While "Seven Deadly Sins" did not exactly meet my expectations, it did not disappoint either. It’s a modern adult release and covers the full spectrum of sexual practices and a good mix of pairings, offering pretty much something for everyone. It is not a very romantic release due to the lack of any sort of exposition or captivating visual style, but it covers a lot of ground. Sometimes raunchy, sometimes voyeuristic, sometimes flat out dirty, "7 Deadly Sins" is certainly one of the most diversified adult films of late and makes a good contemporary porn release that is sure to please.