Jenteal Loves Rocco

Jenteal Loves Rocco (1998)
Vivid Interactive

One of the latest release from Vivid Interactive is "Jenteal Loves Rocco", teaming up two of Vivid’s hottest adult actors in a movie together. Although taking a rather traditional route without much of a coherent story, director Toni English manages to create an erotic collage of sexual and sensual scenery.

The release’s story is mostly limited to what you can read on the back of the packaging. It’s the story of a high priced gigolo and a high priced call girl who meet and make out in the service of their hosts. Rocco is framed for having stolen a necklace and only Jenteal, the call girl, can help prove his innocence. Sadly Jenteal is already back on the streets, where she is hard to find. Fortunately the story is not of any relevance to the film, and dialogues are usually limited to a few sentences that are delivered surprisingly authentic, without the usual ineptitude.

The movie’s focus is clearly on the pairing of the blonde Jenteal and Rocco Siffredi, who are given the majority of the release’s on-screen time in various tasteful positions. The film takes its time and allows the viewer to enjoy watching them in their love games before it moves on. Multiple angles are installed in all of the hardcore sex scenes that give viewers the option to chose the camera of their choice, ranging from R-rated views, all the way to extreme close-ups of the copulation scenes.

The quality of Vivid releases seems to be almost streamlined – I guess yu have to if you release as many titles as Vivid does. Although some artifacting is evident in the picture at times, it is never distracting from the film. The same is true for the sound. While some releases feature mixes that are beyond recognition, "Jenteal Loves Rocco" features a good sound track with music that nicely matches the film’s overall atmosphere, and with a dialogue mix that is understandable, but never too dominant.

This release from Vivid Interactive is loaded with supplements, as we have come to expect from the numerous other releases of the studio. Although the bonus materials don’t change too much between different releases, Vivid is constantly avoiding to repeat exactly the same supplements on each disc, mixing in a number of new clips and trailers on every one of the releases. Most notable is the fact that their section "Meet The Girls" has been expanded quite a bit and now features many of their latest starlets, with biographical information and steamy hot teaser clips that should get viewers excited about those busty beauties. The disc contains a number of trailers for other DVD releases, and the interactive living room with hidden clips from a large number of other Vivid releases. The second side of the disc, is filled with many more bonus features, most of which consist of a huge amount of snippets, trailers and clips that add immense value to these releases and invite viewers to come back whenever they want to explore the content a little more. Some of the outtakes found on the disc are quite extensive, running for many minutes, and accounted for altogether, this release from Vivid Interactive contains some 4 hours of material!

"Jenteal Loves Rocco" is a stylish release, containing a good mix of girls and actions, including some good group sex scenes, as well as some girl-on-girl action. The production value of the release is good with nice backdrops that nicely serve the purpose and oftentimes lend a romantic atmosphere to the production. This is not your typical off-the-mill ultra hardcore adult title, but rather a well made, tasteful and seductive film, that is sure to please your senses. Give it a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed with this one, if you’re looking for something that is a bit on the raunchy side.