Twin Angels

Twin Angels (1990)
NuTech Digital

Although it might seem imminent, erotic adult films do not necessarily have to be of the standard live action breed we have come so accustomed to over the years. NuTech Digital, one of the leading suppliers of adult entertainment has just released "Twin Angels" on DVD, two volumes of adult Japanese Anime on a single disc. Although the first impression of the films might be that of a Japanese version of a fantasy film, it soon becomes evident that "Twin Angels" is pure erotic hardcore. Unlike traditional porn movies however, "Twin Angels" puts the main focus on the story and the characters, using the eroticism more as stylistic elements than as the film’s main objective. Both volumes revolve around 19 year-old Mai and Ai Amatsu, legendary warrior guardians with ancient mystical techniques to defeat evil forces. However, the evil forces in "Twin angels" seek uninhibited karnal pleasures rather than world domination as in comparable Anime films. As a result, Mai and Ai find themselves saving the innocent virgins of this world from hordes of anxious demons that have other things on their minds than taking the girls’ lives and prefer to watch them explore their own bodies and those of the demons as well.

"Twin Angels" was my first encounter with hardcore adult animation. I was intrigued by the idea and found the approach truly interesting, albeit eventually as repetitive as traditional porn. Everything about these movies looks and feels like any other Japanese Anime release at first. All of a sudden, a few minutes into the story things get pretty steamy and rough, only to resume with the actual story a few minutes later. Don’t be fooled, these films are absolutely not for children, as the content is completely unrated and uncensored, portraying very explicit sex acts and graphic violence. The disc contains strong and colorful transfers of the two volumes of "Twin Angles". The compression is very well done, resulting in a vibrant image with bold colors and sharp edges that is virtually free of compression artifacts. The disc contains <$DD,Dolby Digital> stereo soundtracks in English and Japanese, as well as selectable English subtitles. A short but rather comprehensive introduction into Anime in general is also part of the disc, explaining some of the most striking specifics of this particular genre in general.

If you have had enough of the regular adult video fare, "Twin Angels" might be a welcome change in pace. It has a completely different feel than traditional adult movies and might give you a new perspective as to what adult entertainment can encompass. If not, at least it should be good for a chuckle over the good sense of humor in the films, and the completely exaggerated display of lust and sex.