Blue Jean Brat

Blue Jean Brat (2000)
Vivid Interactive

These days Vivid Interactive is giving its customers more value for their money than ever before. Many of the discs they sell also include a separate second disc with interactive features and one can’t help but think that Vivid is beginning to give the added value of their releases more attention than the actual films sometimes. Fortunately there are exceptions. "Blue Jean Brat" is one such release. It does not contain the extra disc, but instead a solid adult movie that is tasteful, pleasing and above all sexy.

Jamie’s bedroom is the place of a number of her sexual escapades, as just image you were a wig stand in her bedroom, seeing all the action. This is the premise of the movie, a very interesting way actually, to give a movie a strong voyeuristic feel. The two wig stands in Jamie’s bedroom talk about her sexual encounters, compare and measure up her sexual partners and while they thrive in their memories, we get to see what happened on those "fateful" days. Apart from the voyeuristic atmosphere created through this narrative, the idea has a very strong benefit. It doesn’t build upon a story that is strung together with poor acting. We have two heads talking to each other and a series of sexual encounters to supplement the discussion. What else do you need, especially in the light that most adult models just can’t act?

With the stage set, "Blue Jean Brat" takes the viewer through a series of sexual situations and I found it a very nice touch how slowly the film develops, taking its time with each of the couples. There is not a single wham-bam-thank-you-madam situation on the disc. Everything is tastefully set up and brought to the screen with plenty of time. While this doesn’t leave room for too many encounters, the sensuality and intimacy easily makes up for it. Jamie Summers, Jeanna Fine and Farron Heights are beautiful models that are a pleasure to watch, making sure that this release is sizzling with eroticism.

Vivid Interactive’s release of "Blue Jean Brat" is a nice package that contains a wealth of extras, most of them found on the disc’s second side. The film itself is presented in a full screen presentation that comes from a video source. Some video artifacts are evident, such as the occasional color bleeding, but for the most part he presentation is good and features good color fidelity. To my surprise, the disc also featured on optional 5.1 <$DD,Dolby Digital> audio track. Although you shouldn’t expect wonders in terms of surround usage or frequency response, the track is a nice addition to the disc. The disc defaults to the standard Dolby Stereo track that is also on the release. It appears a little weird that the disc should include both mixes, as a down-converted <$5.1,5.1 mix> should be absolutely sufficient for this sort of presentation and safe some space on the disc, but I guess Vivid will eventually gather more experience in this field as time goes by.

This is one of those great adult movies that caters mostly to couples. Sensual, sexy and steamy, yet always tasteful and well photographed, "Blue Jean Brat" makes for some great Late Night viewing and wit hall the extras found on the disc, it can get you well into the next day… if you so desire.