“Extant” lands on DVD and Blu-Ray

Paramount Home Entertainment has added Extant: The First Season to its rosters, bringing the science fiction TV series to Blu-Ray Disc and DVD this winter.

Academy Award®-winning producer Steven Spielberg launches a sci-fi thriller that explores the realms of family, evolution and, ultimately, the survival of the human race. Academy Award® winner Halle Berry plays Molly Woods, an astronaut trying to readjust to life on earth after a 13-month space mission. But slipping back into her role as wife and mother gets complicated when her doctor (Camryn Manheim) discovers that after a year-long solo mission, Molly is inexplicably pregnant. Adding to her stress, Molly struggles to reconnect with her “son” – a humanoid robot created by her engineer husband (Goran Visnijic), both as a response to their infertility and as a scientific pet project. From the creation of life to the mysteries of space to the future of humanity, the world will never be the same. And neither will Molly Woods.

The release contains all thirteen episodes that make up the show’s first season along with Seven CBS Launch Promos and Cast Interviews.

In addition, the 4-disc release will also include the Featurettes ”Filming Season One,” “The Story of ‘Extant’,” “The Mythology of ‘Extant’,” “The Offspring,” “The Future World of ‘Extant’,” and ”The Visual Effects of ‘Extant’”.

“Extant: The First Season” lands on home video on December 16 and can be yours for $69.99 on Blu-Ray Disc or $59.99 on DVD.

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