Robert DeNiro

Meet The Parents

February 26, 2001 // 0 Comments

In the realm of film criticism, movies must sometimes be judged in the same way as just about anything else in life, that is, did it accomplish what it set out to do? For example, did the comedy make you laugh? Did the drama make you cry? When viewed in [...]


April 26, 2000 // 0 Comments

Walter Koontz (Robert DeNiro) is an ex-cop and a hero at that. Now retired he’s working as a security guard and with the little money he makes, he manages to keep his head above water. He is living in a run-down New York neighborhood in an apartment [...]

Harold Ramis: Anatomy of a Comedian

August 6, 1999 // 0 Comments

With most people the name Harold Ramis probably doesn’t ring a bell instantaneously, but if you ask them to go back a few years to a movie called “Ghostbusters”, most start to remember. Harold Ramis was playing Dr. Egon Spengler in Ivan Reitman’s [...]

Analyze This

August 1, 1999 // 0 Comments

"Analyze This" has first caught my attention when I saw the trailer for the film’s theatrical run, showing a crying Robert DeNiro with his heavy Italian-tinged mob accent. "Hold on," I thought to myself, "this can’t be [...]

Taxi Driver

June 24, 1999 // 0 Comments

"Taxi Driver" has radically changed Robert DeNiro’s career back in 1976, establishing him as a first class character actor. The reason is blatantly obvious to everyone watching this powerful film by director Martin Scorcese, which sent DeNiro [...]


February 1, 1999 // 0 Comments

69-year-old director John Frankenheimer has created a vast number of thriller and espionage films throughout his long career. Some of the most memorable feature Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra in adventure stories, taking them to places throughout the [...]

Wag The Dog

August 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

"Wag The Dog", a hysterical political satire, no matter how strangely fictional it may seem, has been outdone by the real events surrounding the American presidency these days. If nothing else, it demonstrates writer Larry Beinhart’s keen [...]

Angel Heart

June 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

It has been a long time since I last saw "Angel Heart", yet I remembered it well. It is a striking movie, expertly blending elements of the horror genre with classic film noir, resulting in a film that defies clichés, creating uniquely [...]


March 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

Martin Scorcese is famous for his character-driven movies, movies that dig deep into human souls, exploring the obvious and the hidden in them. "Casino" is no different and gives us a deep and frighteningly realistic look into the characters’ [...]
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