Media Play News continues industry trade magazine tradition

Out of the ashes of Home Entertainment Magazine, which shut down just before the end of the year, rises a new star in the home entertainment industry. Industry experts and long-time Home Entertainment Magazine staffers, Thomas K. Arnold, Stephanie Prange, John Boezinger, John Latchem and Erik Gruenwedel, have just announced their new venture, MediaPlay News.

Keeping up with the rapid developments in the home entertainment market, MediaPlay News is covering all aspects of modern-day home entertainment, including Blu-ray Disc, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc, DVD and digital purchase or rental, along with subscription streaming, and the various forms of video-on-demand services. The only aspect, seemingly missing from the line-up is a coverage of video games.

Carrying over from Home Entertainment Magazine, MediaPlay News has an instant established base with over 12,0000 newsletter and print subscribers, mostly made up of industry leaders and consumer influencers.

In addition, MediaPlay News offers constantly updated new streams on their website, along with blogs, editorials, product reviews, market analysis and industry commentary.

MediaPlay News is now live and can be found at

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