Robot Chicken: Star Wars III

Robot Chicken: Star Wars III (2011)
Paramount Home Video
Submitted by Pierre Meunier

On the Cartoon Network’s release of “Robot Chicken: Star Wars III” you can also find some hidden features if you know just where to look for them.

On the disc’s Main Menu, highlight the Setup menu entry and then press the “Up” arrow button on your remote control.  One of the stars will turn red.  Press “Enter” to see a clip of someone freaking out in a sound booth.

Now go to the Chicken Nuggets section, which can be accessed from the Special Features menu.  Highlight the “Play” menu entry and then press the “Down” key on your remote control.  A red dot will appear on a panel on the left.  Press “Enter” to see a reference movie that Tennessee Reed Norton shot to help him animate Admiral Ackbar.

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