Revisit The Bridges Of Madison County in May

Warner Home Video is preparing a Deluxe Edition of Clint Eastwood’s The Bridges Of Madison County, which will come to DVD in May.

World-traveling National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid and Iowa housewife Francesca Johnson aren’t looking to turn their lives upside down. Each is at a point in life where expectations are behind them. Yet four days after meeting, they wont want to lose the love they’ve found.

Academy Award winners’ Meryl Streep (earning her 10th Oscar nomination for this performance) and Clint Eastwood (who also produces and directs) bring blazing star power and powerful conviction to the beloved characters of Robert James Waller’s best seller of love, choice and consequence. With luck, a love like that happens to some of us sooner or later. For Robert and Francesca, it was later. And it was glorious.

No exact details have been unveiled yet, but we will keep you posted, of course, as new information comes in. For now, mark May 6 in your calendars and set aside $19.97 for this release, if you please.

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