Get ready for The Grudge 2

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has another Grudge and this one is ready for a theatrical and unrated DVD release early next year. The Grudge 2 will come as a few different releases.

Aubrey Davis discovers from her bedridden mother, that her sister Karen is in a hospital in
Japan and under investigation for the death of her boyfriend. Her mother is
too ill to make the trip to Tokyo and asks Aubrey to bring her sister home.
Shortly after Aubrey arrives in Tokyo, reporter and photographer Eason, seeks her out and warns her that Karen is in the thrall of an unseen
and dangerous curse. Aubrey joins forces with Eason to discover the truth
and ultimately becomes exposed to the same curse that afflicted her sister.

The theatrical cut will have the featurettes East Meets West, Grudge 2: Storyline Development, Ready When You Are, Mr. Shimzu and Reel Change along with deleted scenes. The unrated DVD contains all of these features as well as the longer cut of the film, Tales From The Grudge with an into by Sam Raimi and the featurettes Holdigng a Grudge.

Both versions are arriving on February 6th with a suggested retail price of $28.95 each.

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