The Return of The Librarian

TNT has had much success with the adventure movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear and has now finished a sequel The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines for DVD release two weeks after its airdate in December from Warner Home Entertainment.

Librarian Flynn Carsen has saved the world from time traveling ninjas and magic spirits, but he has yet to face his greatest adventure …until now. A mysterious package from Egypt arrives in the mail for Flynn containing an ancient map to King Solomon’s Mines. King Solomon, one of the Bible’s richest and wisest kings, stored his immense wealth in a temple but hid his most prized possessions in secret mines. Before Flynn can discover the secret behind the map, it is taken from his possession. What lies in King Solomon’s Mines has the power to bend space and time and unleash the powers of the underworld. Now it is up to Flynn to retrieve the map and save the fate of the world!

The new DVD doesn’t appear to contain any extra, but will be availabel for $19.98 on December 19th.

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