I Was A Zombie For The FBI is coming to DVD

In the stormy night skies over 1950s America, their diabolical plan begins: a UFO invasion that will turn the world’s population into zombies using deranged escaped convicts The Brazzo Brothers, a flying alien ‘ZomBall’, and the secret formula to our country’s favorite soft drink. Now the FBI’s toughest team of agents must infiltrate the alien army, destroy its body-snatching leaders and restore good-tasting carbonated beverages to a thirsty nation. Welcome to the ultimate combination of hair-trigger crime drama, sci-fi monster thriller, and old-fashioned, red-blooded American justice: This is I Was A Zombie For The FBI and it’s coming to DVD in August from Rykodisc.

Directed by Marius Penczner, “I Was A Zombie For The FBI” is a hip, clever take-off on the sci-fi scare classics of the 1950s, made with a healthy dose of humor and a true affection for the genre. Now available for the first time on DVD, “I Was A Zombie For The FBI” was a longtime staple of USA Network’s beloved Night Flight, giving it a big fan base that has been eagerly awaiting this release. Even the real FBI is a fan, listing the film’s title in a “FBI Pop Culture Quiz” on the agency’s real-life website!

This Special Edition from Rykodisc will boast a completely remastered version in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and also a number of cool supplements and Featurettes that explore the film’s unique ‘50s ‘Serial Thriller’ style, the creation of its stop-motion monster effects, Commentary Track by director Marius Penczner, Deleted Scenes and much more.

Don’t miss this cult classic gem when it hits DVD on August 30!

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