What’s the deal with Seinfeld on DVD

The long delayed and held up show about nothing is finally finding its way to DVD this fall in the form of a few nice sets and quite a few nice features.

Two volumes will be released at the same time; Volume one will feature the 18 episodes of the first and second season while Volume 2 will contain the 22 episodes of the third season.

Both volumes contain interviews with the cast and creators about what was happening behind the scenes as the episodes were created and filmed, audio commentaries from the cast, deleted scenes, outtakes, stand-up footage, promotional ads and production notes. Volume one will also contain the documatary How it Begam and Tonight Show Footage. Volume 2 will contain Kramer vs. Kramer: Kenny to Cosmo on the real-life inspiration for Kramer.

Each set will be priced at $49.95 on their November 23rd release. A special $119.95 set will also be available with both sets along with a script, notes from Larry David, playing cards and salt and pepper shakers.

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