The Last Exile finds a home on DVD

Geneon Entertainment and TechTV have partnered to premiere the edgy anime series Last Exile on primetime. From March 8 through March 14, anime fans can tune in nightly to TechTV’s “Anime Unleashed” for 13 episodes of the series, as well as a concluding Last Exile marathon, featuring all episodes airing back-to-back on Sunday, March 14. The 3rd volume on DVD will arrive in April.

In volume three Claus and Lavie participate in an eight-hour endurance vanship race, and are joined by Dio Eraclea who tries to befriend Claus. Tatiana also participates in the race, but she is actually on a secret mission under Alex Row’s direction. In the meantime,
Alex Row bids for the mysterious “Exile Door” at a black market auction, but he is forced to withdraw from the bidding by the Guild. The Exile Door ends up in the hands of Delphine, the supreme leader of the Guild. And it becomes increasingly apparent that Alvis Hamilton is the key to the Exile.

April 6th will be the release date with a suggested retail price of $29.98.

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