Babylon 5: The Complete Fourth Season

Babylon 5: The Complete Fourth Season

Submitted by Keith L. Callbeck and Purple Dave

On Warner Home Video’s DVD box set of the fourth season of “Babylon 5” you can once again find a cool hidden feature if you know where to look for it.

Insert disc 6 of the DVD set and form the Main Menu go to the “Special Features” and there select the menu entry “Universe of Babylon 5.” Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control twice and you will have access to a gag reel.

Now, go to the “Personell Files” in the “Universe of Babylon 5” sub-menu. Once again press the “Right” arrow key twice to highlight the “5” on the screen. It will give you access to see a 51 second split-screen version of a B5 station flyby sequence. The footage appears to be a slightly earlier version of the flyby seen in the background after Ivanova’s monologue in the Season 3 opening credit sequence. It’s a little longer, starting with a shot of Espilon 3, and features a pair of patrolling Starfuries and a launching cargo vessel that did not appear during the final credit sequence.

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