The Simpsons: The Complete First Season

The Simpsons: The Complete First Season

Submitted by Pat Patel

On 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s release of the first season of “The Simpsons, ” there are some exciting hidden materials to be found that may not be obvious to the naked eye.

Insert the third disc of the set and go to the “Extra Features.” From there, go to the second screen of extras and select “Art of the Simpsons.” In this menu screen, highlight the “Extra Features” menu entry and the press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the comic book in Bart’s hand. Press “Enter” now and you will get to see a gallery of magazine covers featuring “The Simpsons.”

Another hidden feature can be found on the second page of the “Extra Features” on this disc. Go there, highlight the “Some Enchanted Evening Script” menu entry and then press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight Bart’s T-Shirt, which will give you access to a 1990 report by ABC News on the Bart Simpson T-Shirt controversy – which once again proves that some people have too much time on their hands and too little mass in their brains, and that TV picks up on about anything as long as its negative and smell sensational.

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