The Terminator will blow your mind this fall with exclusive material

As we had pointed out last year, the release of MGM Home Entertainment’s Special Edition of James Cameron’s The Terminator had to be delayed until the end of this year, due to contractual obligations here in the US. While fans of the film were waiting for this exciting release however, the film has been released in Europe as a 2-disc set a little while ago, full with great supplemental materials. And still American fans will be thankful that they had to wait a little longer… but first things first.

Currently, the disc is slated for an October release, but unlike the European version, MGM Home Entertainment has decided to release the film on a DVD-14 – a double-sided DVD that is, which features a dual-layer on one side, and a regular single-layer DVD on the other. The film itself has been painstakingly remastered and cleaned up, and the anamorphic widescreen transfer will feature the movie in its original aspect ratio. A newly created 5.1 channel Dolby Digital EX audio track will also be on the disc, complementing the spectacular presentation and make this the ultimate “Terminator” experience.

The disc will contain a Documentary called “Other Voices,” as well as “Terminator – A Retrospective” and a number of Deleted Scenes. An assortment of theatrical, teaser, foreign and alternative Trailers and TV Spots will also be on the disc, as well as a DVD-ROM version of the film’s Shooting Script and a very extensive Image Gallery covering all aspects, from James Cameron’s artwork stills and production photos to a series of other Special Effects photos and more.

On the surface, the European and the US version of the release will be identical in content, but a look under the hood reveals that the US-version of the DVD will feature some exclusive additional material! When the materials for the European release were prepared, James Cameron was not available to participate in the creation of the DVD and hence, he is sorely missing from the documentaries. However, since the US-version is released so much later, James Cameron has been able to participate in this version of the DVD. As a result, the documentary on the disc for example, has been re-edited and will now also feature Interview segments with director James Cameron. What’s more is that all the deleted scenes will also feature an Audio Commentary by the director!

Well, this is certainly one case where you would say… it was well worth the wait!

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