Bride Of Re-Animator has seen the Sharpline Arts treatment

After doing the commentary track for Pioneer’s DVD release of Salome’s Last Dance recently, Sharpline Arts have also been heavily involved in Pioneer’s Bride Of Re-Anmator, the sequel to Stuart Gordon’s frenetic horror cult film “Re-Animator”.

Jeffrey Combs reprises his role as Dr. Herbert West, the frenetically quirky version of Dr. Frankenstein who is still obsessively “doodling with body parts.” Again reluctantly assisting him is Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott). This sequel to the cult classic “Re-Animator” continues the story based upon an H.P. Lovecraft classic.

“Bride Of Re-Anmator” is filled with an array of imaginative and macabre special effects, all of which are showcased in the supplemental materials assembled by Sharpline Arts. All of the major effects artists were reunited for an information-packed commentary track, which also features director Brian Yuzna and Dr. West himself, Jeffrey Combs. On another track, Combs reunites with co-star Bruce Abbott for a hysterical “Mystery Science Theater 3000-style” commentary, which makes the gruesome antics even funnier. Also featured on the disc are never-before-seen outtakes.

Sharpline Arts was thrilled to discover that “Bride Of Re-Anmator” was one of the most thoroughly documented films of this genre. And so in the original featurette, “Getting Ahead in Horror,” viewers will be able to explore special creature and make-up effects work in unprecedented detail. Additionally, an extensive collection of still photos and production notes can be found in “Dr. West’s Case Book.”

Finally, Pioneer’s release will include two versions of the film: a new master of the R-rated version, taken from the pristine negative and presented in Dolby Digital sound, and also the previously available unrated version, containing several additional “gore effects,” taken from one of the few surviving prints. Each version of the film will be presented in the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1, but both will feature a revolutionary new concept, the “Theatrical Matte Option”.

This feature, brainstormed by Sharpline and Pioneer, facilitates the instant removal of the 1.85:1 matte to reveal picture information on the top and bottom of the frame. For the first time, viewers will be able to choose (and to alternate between) the visual framing intended by the director, and the complete image recorded on the film negative.

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