Digital Video Systems announces 10x DVD-ROM drive

The battle for higher specs on DVD-ROM drives continues. As predicted the generation turn-around cycle for DVD-ROM drives is substantially faster than it initially was for CD-ROM drives. 6x DVD-ROM drives have been available for as short amount of time now, and already announcements of the first 10-speed drives is coming in – although these announcements are somewhat superficial, simply holding out a prospect of the drive at this point, to be able to claim being the first once again. The actual press release didn’t say anything factual about the drive, other than it is 10-speed and is supposed to replace the current 6-speed generation. What wisedom… anyway, here’s the deal.

Digital Video Systems, Inc. today announced that its 10x DVD-ROM Drives are scheduled for introduction at the time of the Fall COMDEX this year. The 10x samples will be distributed in November 1999 for customers“ evaluation, with the production starting in December 1999.

DVS” 10X DVD-ROM Drives will be compatible with DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R and virtually all CD formats including CD-ROM, CD-Audio, CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD,
CD-I/FMV, Multi-session Photo CD or Photo CD.

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