The Big Lebowski is coming your way

June 15, 1998 // 0 Comments

Polygram Home Video have just announced the release of The Big Lebowski on September 29. The Big Lebowski is another film by the infamous Coen brothers who brought you such memorable movies as Fargo. Once again this is a gripping, yet sarcastically funny, [...]

Live Entertainment switch to keepcases

June 12, 1998 // 0 Comments

In a completely unexpected move, it seems like Live Entertainment are finally switching their releases from their cardboard packages to Amaray keepcases. Unfortunately we could not get any information whether New Line Home Video and Warner Home Video are [...]

Make your vote…

June 11, 1998 // 0 Comments

The first “Annual People’s Choice DVD Video Awards” are on their way. Make your vote in categories, such as “Optical Pioneering”, “Best Of The Show”, “Best Video Compression”, “Best Sound Compression”, “Best Interface Design”, [...]

Dance the night away

June 5, 1998 // 0 Comments

Columbia Tristar Home Video have just announced the release of “Riverdance: Live in NYC” on July 14. The disc features brand new pieces, never before seen on video, including the enthralling “American Wake”, the rousing “Harbour Of The New [...]

“Dr. Dobb’s Journal” touches on DVD

June 3, 1998 // 0 Comments

If you are a programmer and interested in some of the more in-depth details about how to write software for DVD, the current issue (July 1998) of “Dr. Dobb’s Journal” has a nice article describing the boot up sequence of DVD Video players, the [...]

Toshiba include Spatializer technology

June 2, 1998 // 0 Comments

Spatializer Audio Laboratories Inc., a leading provider of next-generation audio technologies, announced today the integration of Spatializer N-2-2 multi-channel virtualization technology in Toshiba’s third-generation line of advanced home theater DVD [...]

Toshiba hook up with CD PlayRight

June 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. today announced a co-promotion with CD PlayRight that will provide all purchasers of Toshiba DVD-Video players with coupons good for $5.00 off the price of CD PlayRight’s patented “Trio For DVD,” DVD disc [...]

Star Wars SE sighted!!

May 31, 1998 // 0 Comments

Did the question if the Star Wars trilogy will ever make it to DVD bother you, too, for the past months? Well, it did bother us and all of a suddenly a spark appeared last week that supported our previous understanding of Fox’s attitude towards DVD. We [...]

Columbia pick up Jim Henson’s video rights

May 24, 1998 // 0 Comments

Columbia Home Video have just signed a contract with the Jim Henson Company to distribute their film and TV products on home video, after Henson’s contract with Buena Vista Home Video expired at the end of last year. Columbia will create a Jim Henson [...]

“Godzilla” sweeps the country…

May 20, 1998 // 0 Comments

…and not only the new summer blockbuster from Sony Pictures that open nationwide today. Have you seen it? Even though I did not expect much other than popcorn entertainment, I was still slightly disappointed by the movie. While delivering some [...]
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