Vestron prepares The Warlock Collection for Blu-Ray release

The Vestron Video Collector’s Series is looking to cast the ultimate spell with the upcoming release of the Warlock Collection, arriving for the first time on high definition this July.

A 17th-century Warlock (Julian Sands) is transported to the 20th century, where he looks to end all of creation by unleashing Satan upon the world.

The 2-disc Warlock Collection set includes all three films from the Warlock franchise, Warlock, Warlock: The Armageddon, and Warlock III: The End of Innocence.

In addition, the release is packed with all-new special features. Warlock, will come with a brand new Audio Commentary with Director Steve Miner, as well as Isolated Score Selections and an Audio Interview with Author Jeff Bond.
You will also find Interview Featurettes on the release with Actor Julian Sands, Director Steve Miner and Make-up Effects Creators Carl Fullerton and Neal Martz. Further, the release offers, Behind-the-Scenes Footage, Vintage Interview Segments with Cast and Crew, a Vintage Featurette with Make-Up Effects Creators Carl Fullerton and Neal Martz, and a Vintage Featurette with Visual Effects Supervisors Patrick Read Johnson and Robert Habros, Animation Supervisor Mauro Maressa, and Matte Artist Robert Scifo.
The movie’s Theatrical Trailer, the Video Trailer and TV Spots are also included, along with a Still Gallery.

Warlock: The Armageddon will arrive with a new Audio Commentary with Director Anthony Hickox, as well as a Vintage Making-of Featurette and Behind-the-Scenes Footage. Also included are Extended Vintage Interview Segments with Actor Julian Sands, Director Anthony Hickox, and Actress Paula Marshall.
The movie’s Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots, along with a Still Gallery will round out the film.

Warlock III will offer up some Behind-the-Scenes Footage, a handful of Vintage Interview Segments with Cast and Crew, as well as the movie’s Trailer, Video Sales Promo and a Still Gallery.

The Warlock Collection will arrive in stores on July 25 for $39.97.

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