Warner singles out “The Majestic” on Blu-Ray

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Aside from releasing the film as part of the upcoming Frank Darabont Collection, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is also preparing a single-disc release of The Majestic, slating the film for release on Blu-Ray Disc in February.

“The Majestic” plays in the year 1951 and ambitious Hollywood screenwriter Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) is suddenly targeted as a suspected Communist.  He loses his job and his girl in quick succession and then in a serious car accident, he’s left with amnesia, losing his identity altogether. Stumbling into a charming small California town where he’s mistaken for Luke Trimble, one of their many long lost World War II heroes, Peter meets Luke’s beautiful girlfriend Adele (Laurie Holden). His “father” Harry (Martin Landau) reintroduces Peter to the life he led before the war, and they work together as father and son to restore and reopen The Majestic, the town’s long abandoned movie palace. Though his true memory eventually returns, Peter falls in love with Adele during his sojourn in the town, and he discovers the courage and the conviction he needs to become the hero of his own life.

The film will come complete with Deleted Scenes and the Movie Within the Movie: Sand Pirates of the Sierra feature.

Prepare for this Blu-Ray release on February 24 with a low $14.97 sticker price.

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