Where The Heart Is

Where The Heart Is (2000)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd, Stockard Channing, Joan Cusack, Sally Field
Extras: Music Video, Trailers and TV Spots

’Where The Heart Is’ is the story of a young teenager without means who lives in a Wal-Mart shopping center where she eventually gives birth to a daughter. Immediately becoming the center of a media frenzy, this young woman tries to make the best of her 15-minutes of fame and decides to turn her life around with the help of a few people who truly support and love her.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has prepared a magnificent presentation for this heartfelt movie on DVD. The anamorphic widescreen transfer is a sparkling rendition of the film, boasting a very high level of detail and an image that is razor sharp without ever appearing artificially enhanced. The print is absolutely clean without a hint of blemishes are defects, creating an image that is absolutely clear and stable. The color reproduction on this DVD is superb, rendering all the color powerful and strong, without oversaturation. Blacks are deep and solid while maintaining very good shadow definition throughout. Since the compression of the film is also absolutely meticulous, ’Where The Heart Is’ makes a sensational visual impression on this DVD without any distracting artifacts of any sort, and with a level of detail that will blow your mind.

The DVD also contains a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track that is just as impressive. Very active and dynamic throughout, the audio track makes very good use of the surround channels without ever appearing exaggerated. Creating a natural sound ambiance, the audio has a very wide frequency response with good bass extension and very good dynamic range. The track sounds very natural with dialogues that are well recorded, balanced and always understandable. Complemented by English and French Dolby Surround tracks as well as English and Spanish subtitles, this DVD makes a phenomenal impression.

’Where The Heart Is’ also contains the music video ’That’s The Beat Of A Heart’ by The Warren Brothers, and a selection of trailers and TV Spots, all of which are appropriate additions to this day and date release.

Not expecting too much, I was very pleasantly surprised by the human quality of the movie, its humor and the honest emotions coming through. Extremely well told, acted with true passion and captured in beautiful images, this coming-of-age story of a young impoverished woman has turned out to be a touching and unexpectedly entertaining movie experience.