Restraining Order

Restraining Order (1999)
Artisan Entertainment
Cast: Eric Roberts, Hannes Jaenicke, Tatjana Patitz, Dean Stockwell
Extras: Commentary Track, Trailer, Cast & Crew Biographies

Robert Woodfield (Eric Roberts) is a lawyer who witnesses his own client committing a murder. As a result of the attorney/client privileges he cannot talk about the incident and decides to construct an airtight case with his opposition in court to convict the killer. But before long, his friend is killed and his wife seems to be the next target…

Artisan Home Entertainment is presenting ’Restraining Order’ in a full screen presentation on this DVD, which seems to be this television production’s original aspect ratio. The image shows occasional blemishes and dirt but is generally clean. Although the opening shot is a bit grainy, the majority of the film is without noise or grain, finely reproducing the movie’s image. Colors are a little muted with grayish highlights, but deep and solid blacks. Although the film has a generally natural look, it feels constantly subdued and muted. The compression shows slight signs of artifacting.

’Restraining Order’ comes with a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track, as well as a Dolby Stereo Surround mix. The tracks are generally clean and without noise. Frequency response is good and natural with a good but unexaggerated bass extension. The tracks are free of distortion or sibilance throughout and the surround usage is good, although also rather restrained for the most part. Dialogues are well-integrated and always held at an understandable level.

I found ’Restraining Order’ to be an entertaining movie, although nothing radically new. Stories of the like have been explored numerous times before and it is hard to find a new twist. Still, for its 95 minutes running length, ’Restraining Order’ keeps the viewer thrilled and excited.