Final Analysis

Final Analysis (1992)
Warner Home Video
Cast: Kim Basinger, Richard Gere, Paul Gullfoyle, Eric Roberts, Uma Thurman

The disc presents “Final Analysis” in a cropped pan & scan version. Originally shot at an 1.85:1 aspect ratio, the fullscreen transfer is quite tolerable however, not losing too much picture information. The image quality is very good overall, with a sharp, well defined picture that boasts plenty of detail. Compression is well done and doesn’t exhibit and pixelation or other compression artifacts. Color reproduction is very good with strong hues and natural fleshtones throughout, even in the most dimly lit interior scenes and nighttime shots.

It contains a Dolby Surround soundtrack in English and French that are well produced and converted. The soundtrack creates an engrossing soundfield with some directional effects. However, it is clearly front-loaded and only uses surrounds mostly in the action and highly dramatic moments.

“Final Analysis” is a high caliber thriller that keeps the viewer in the dark up until the last seconds of the film. Very well produced and acted, it is a good example of gripping filmmaking. Too bad, Warner decided to release this film in a pan & scan version, but at a price of $14.95, you can hardly complain I guess.