Richard Gere

Richard Gere gets “Breathless” in April

March 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Shout! Factory has just add the sexually charged thriller Breathless to its release line, up, scheduling a Blu-Ray version for April. When Las Vegas lowlife Jesse Lujack (Richard Gere) becomes a wanted fugitive, he hightails it from Sin City to the City [...]

Brooklyn's Finest

July 15, 2010 // 0 Comments

While most people associate director Antoine Fuqua with "Training Days, " to me he is the guy who made "Shooter," "King Arthur" and Chow Yun Fat's first Hollywood movie, "The Replacement Killers." With his [...]


February 11, 2010 // 0 Comments

Amelia Earhart is probably still the best-know female aviator despite the fact that she disappeared without a trace over 50 years ago. Director Mira Nair has now created a long-overdue tribute to this incredibly audacious woman with "Amelia, " [...]

Primal Fear

February 20, 2009 // 0 Comments

In 1996 a film appeared featuring a young actor that no one had heard about but that clearly showed that he had the makings of a Hollywood star. The actor was Ed Norton and as expected, he has made quite a splash in the film industry ever since. Martin [...]

The Hoax

October 4, 2007 // 0 Comments

Swedish filmmaker Lasse Halström is a man of many talents. As producer, writer and director he covered everything from pop music videos and children's movies all the way to impressive dramas like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." [...]


August 4, 2003 // 0 Comments

Directed by Rob Marshall and written by Bill Condon, ’Chicago’ was one of the most critically acclaimed film sensations of last year, and also won countless awards, including six Oscars. I had not been able to catch the film during its theatrical run [...]


November 25, 2002 // 0 Comments

At first sight ’Unfaithful’ appears to be a lot like ’Fatal Attraction, ’ a previous film by the same director, Adrian Lyne – and that’s what I expected. Instead, the movie turns out to have much more in common with ’Basic Instinct’ – [...]

The Mothman Prophecies

May 29, 2002 // 0 Comments

With ’Arlington Rd.’, director Mark Pellington was able to breathe new life into the paranoia-thriller genre. With his second film, ’The Mothman Prophecies’, he tackles a supernatural-suspense tale, but the results aren’t as promising. [...]

The Cotton Club

July 10, 2001 // 0 Comments

Francis Ford Coppola’s 30’s period piece ’The Cotton Club’ is another one of his stylish films that are full of hauntingly beautiful images and an almost poetic visual style, underscoring the filmmaker’s rather artistic take on movies as opposed [...]

Runaway Bride

February 11, 2000 // 0 Comments

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of "Pretty Woman" and I’ve never liked Julia Roberts very much. However, I loved "Notting Hill", so I tried to go into "Runaway Bride" with an open mind. I had no illusions, mind [...]
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