Netforce (1999)
Trimark Home Video
Cast: Brian Dennehy, Judge Reinhold, Scott Bakula, Kris Kristofferson, Joanna Going

Trimark Home Video presents “Netforce” in a very good fullscreen presentation. Since the film has been produced for TV, it is supposedly the aspect ratio the film was originally shot at. The image is very clear and highly detailed without any noise or distracting film artifacts. The color balance on this release is very fine with good contrast and color reproduction. Blacks are solid and highlights are well balanced throughout. No compression artifacts are evident in the release.

“Netforce” contains a Dolby Stereo soundtrack that is well produced and equally well balanced. It contains three different language tracks in English, French and Spanish. The powerful music score greatly enhances the film but never drowns out the dialogues. The disc contains English language closed captions.

Produced as a TV-miniseries, Netforce has everything you want from a gripping, slightly futuristic thriller. The subject matter of controlling and policing the Internet is a believable outset that is carried by a strong cast. This disc is great and the only thing that spoils the film’s overall great appeal is the fact that it is a “Flipper”, forcing you to flip over the disc halfway through the film. In an age where RSDL discs are available and affordable, Trimark should really take the step to support uninterrupted playback by utilizing the dual layer technology.