Sirens (1994)
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Cast: Portia De Rossi, Tara Fitzgerald, Hugh Grant, Elle Macpherson, Sam Neill

This release exhibits Buena Vista’s trademark treatment with a great video presentation but thin on the extras. The film transfer used for “Sirens” is very clean and boasts with colors.
Nevertheless there never seems to be an oversaturation and combined with the transfer’s solid blacks and good highlights the presentation gives the film a very nice, almost impressionistic feel, which is certainly desirable for this particularly idyllic film. There are no compression artifacts or chroma noise evident on this release.

“Sirens” contains a rather restraint Dolby Surround soundtrack. It is well reproduced on this disc without flaws or distortion.
Dialog is well integrated in the mix and the mood of the score nicely embellishes the pictures on screen.

This is a very seductive film that found a flawless home on this DVD. The entire film plays like a wicked, though sexy, ride into a world of open sexuality and uninhibited nudity. The story keeps the viewer always unsure about the events he sees, but at the same time always intrigued and interested in finding out more.