James Mason

Warner debuts three Stephen King movies on Blu-Ray

August 17, 2016 // 0 Comments

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has just released information about the upcoming release of Salem’s Lot, Cat’s Eye and It, brining each of the films to Blu-Ray Disc for the very first time. In “Salem’s Lot,” sinister events bring together a [...]

The Films of Michael Powell

February 9, 2009 // 0 Comments

Michael Powell is a filmmaker who, by all rights, should be as much of an established figure in the minds of cinema buffs as other famous English directors like Alfred Hitchcock, David Lean, and Carol Reed. And yet, for years Powell's film work [...]

Island In The Sun

February 28, 2006 // 0 Comments

Once again I can say that having the task of watching and reviewing DVDs is really great way of experiencing some of the best films and documentaries, ones that I might have otherwise overlooked. Such is the case with "Island in the Sun", a film [...]

The Last Of Sheila

April 7, 2004 // 0 Comments

Long before ’Who-done-it?’ movies became really popular in the early 80s, Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Perkins wrote up an intriguing genre script that turned into the movie ’The Last Of Sheila.’ This wonderfully wicked film, full of twists and [...]

Murder By Decree

January 17, 2003 // 0 Comments

It is interesting that the idea of putting Sherlock Holmes on the case of Jack The Ripper appears to pop up over and over again. Whether the attraction comes from the fact that they’re both from the same time period and location or from the challenging [...]

The Desert Rats

June 5, 2002 // 0 Comments

Almost from the moment that fighting began in North Africa during the Second World War, Hollywood started churning out movies set in that desolate yet compelling environment. Something about the swirling desert sands and the rapid style of mechanized [...]


June 19, 2001 // 0 Comments

"Do you want to die standing up or sitting down?" When one thinks of Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the great Vladimir Nabokov’s "Lolita, " that’s probably not the first line to pop in one’s mind. In fact, the first thing to [...]

A Star Is Born

October 11, 2000 // 0 Comments

Viewing Warner Home Video’s radiant DVD of the almost lost 1954 musical version of "A Star Is Born" sparked mixed emotions. Warner’s first foray into DVD-18 territory is an out and out winner, promising good things to come with future Warner [...]

North By Northwest

August 28, 2000 // 0 Comments

"I am but mad north-northwest; When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw."          William Shakespeare, "Hamlet"          Act II, Scene II I first encountered Alfred Hitchcock’s breezy 1959 comic [...]

Salem’s Lot

October 30, 1999 // 0 Comments

Based on a novel by horror master Stephen King, "Salem’s Lot" is a dark vampire story, taking place in a Maine small town, as typical for King’s work. The novel is actually King’s second book, first published in 1975 and it shows much of [...]