Glee Encore

Glee Encore (2009-2010)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Lea Michele, Amber Riley

Evidentially, there is a pretty popular television show called "Glee". Combining a teen soap opera with clever covers of well-known songs, Fox may have found a temporary solution for American Idol ratings that have been steadily declining over the past few seasons. From Queen to Madonna, the show finds a way to incorporate all types of music into their plot. With the first season already on Blu-ray and DVD, 20th Century Fox doesn't want to leave anybody out of the loop. As with most teen dramas, there are some moments that may not be entirely suitable for the younger children in the house. So they have released "Glee Encore", which showcases over an hour of musical highlights from the first season. Included on the disc are:

From "Pilot Director's Cut" Episode – On My Own, Don't Stop Believing

From "Showmance" episode – Gold Digger, I Say a Little Prayer

From "The Rhodes Not Taken" – Alone, Somebody to Love

From "Vitamin-D" – It's My Life, Confessions Part II

From "Wheels" – Defying Gravity

From "Ballad" – I'll Stand By You, Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl, Lean on Me

From "Hairography" – Imagine, True Colors

From "Sectionals" – Don't Rain on My Parade, You Can't Always Get What You Want

From "Hell-O" – Gives You Hell, Hello

From "The Power of Madonna" – Vogue, Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer

From "Home" – Fire, One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home, Beautiful

From "Bad Reputation" – Run Joey Run, Total Eclipse of the Heart

From "Laryngitis" – Jessie's Girl, Rose's Turn

From "Theatricality" – Bad Romance, Beth

From "Journey to Regionals" – Faithfully, Any Way You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

While this disc is probably more of a cash grab than anything else, is does give the little tykes something to dance to leaving parents free from fielding questions that may pop up if an entire episode is aired. The problem with this disc is, the songs are taken out of context. Part of the charm with "Glee" is how the story leads to the songs. Yes, these young adults have amazing voices and there is a lot that goes into each episode. Unfortunately, the lack of a story and buildup reduces the emotional impact which has propelled "Glee" into the hearts of so many fans. Without any type of commentary or VH1 inspired 'pop up' moments, these songs feel a bit lost.

The 1080p/AVC encoded transfer is obviously the same that 20th Century Fox used on the recent 'Season One' release. Given that the series is shot digitally, "Glee Encore" looks amazing on Blu-ray. There is a great deal of detail during close-ups and fleshtones are perfect. Since most high definition feeds on cable max out at 1080i, "Glee" fans will certainly notice the extra detail provided by this progressive scan presentation.

Those interested in this disc aren't really concerned with the video presentation; "Glee" is about audio. This lossless DTS-HD 5.1 track has amazing ambiance as the classic songs flex throughout the speakers. If there is any reason to purchase this Blu-ray, it is for the quality of these songs. Many may have already gone and picked up a CD with "Glee" songs, but this Blu-ray is the way to go. Turn the television off and leave the sound running for quite possibly the best quality this collection of songs will have. You will throw the CD away immediately.

Given there are no extras on this disc, "Glee Encore" is for hardcore fans only. Those who have already purchased Season One on Blu-ray aren't getting anything new other than the chance to play the popular songs one after another without any type of plot mixed in. Fans can pick and choose songs or simply play all and let the good times roll. If you want a higher quality version of the songs covered in "Glee", this will blow away any CD release. Those looking for a little extra in their "Glee" collection may want to save up for "Season Two".