Cheeky! (2000)
Cult Epics
Cast: Yuliya Mayarchuk, Jarno Berardi, Francesca Nunzi
Extras: Featurette, Trailers, Photo Gallery

Carla, (Yula Mayarchuk) is a sexy free spirited Venetian who travels to London looking for an apartment for her and boyfriend Matteo, (Jarno Berardi). She walks into a real estate office and is greeted by Moira, (Francesca Nunzi) a lesbian who immediatley becomes smitten with Carla – especially since Carla walked into the office wearing a see thru sun dress with no undergarments!

In the meantime, Matteo is still in Italy and becomes jealous of Carla when he discovers a batch of hidden love letters which clearly indicates Carla's infidelities. As such, Matteo tells Carla he isnt sure whether he wishes to join her in London. Carla becomes upset. And when one is in a sex romp movie, one deals with boyfriend troubles by having sex with other people!

"Cheeky!" (Trasgredire) is your typical Italian sex romp "comedy." The film opens with 70's type music as Carla is walking through a park on a bright sunny day. Since this is a sex romp movie, the park is filled with happy go lucky people involved in various forms of sexcapades. We are treated to a myriad of graphic crotch shots as well as a flasher exposing his erect penis – all in good fun of course since everyone is carefree and quite at ease in this particular park!

"Cheeky!" is yet another typical outing by cult film director Tinto Brass. He is best known for his many sex movies just bordering on being considered pornographic, but yet holding back on graphic insertion shots and a few other things. Pretty much everything else occurs in a Tino Brass film and "Cheeky!" is no different than most Tinto Brass movies. The plot to the film is very light and flimsy. As I said earlier, Carla's boyfriend Matteo is jealous of her past lovers while Moira does her best to get Carla to forget about men altogether by initiating her into the world of lesbians.

Distributed by Cult Epics, "Cheeky!" is presented here in an aspect ratio of 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen preserving the films' original theatrical presentation. Director Tinto Brass' camera is mostly concerned with capturing voyueristic images and a plethora of crotch shots. But that's not to say he isnt adept at filming various other scenery. He is a skilled director and manages to keep things flowing and interesting.

The contrast is bright and colors are primary and vibrant. Blacks are decent, but in a few nighttime scenes shadow delineation is lost. There are noticable dust and dirt particles popping up throughout the movie but nothing that is distracting. Overall the presentation is better than broadcast quality. Audio comes by way of 2 channel Dolby Digital Italian with optional English subtitles. The front channels were clean and clear with no noticeable distortion.

The special features section contains an 8 minute featurette, "Backstage with Tinto Brass." Brass comes across as a likeable but sexist and chauvinistic man. He explains the title, "Trasgredire" which means, "to transgress and cheat." Tinto comes right out and says while he loves women, they arent to be trusted and considers them to be liars. According to Tinto, the only way to find out if a woman is telling the truth is not by studying her face, but by looking at the curves of her ass! Rounding out the disc are six trailers including the feature presentation as well as a photo gallery.

"Cheeky!" is presented in an unrated, uncensored version. As I said earlier, it's technically not porn, but Tinto Brass pushes the graphic and gratuitous envelope as far as he can get away with. If you're ever in the mood for a lite, breezy, Italian sex romp with a threadbare plot and sexy looking women, then you may consider giving "Cheeky!" a look – just make sure the kiddies are nowhere around!