The Simple Life 3 – The Interns

The Simple Life 3 – The Interns (2003)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie

Unless you've been living somewhere with no access to magazines, newspapers, and television, then you are familiar with the antics of Paris Hilton and her on-again, off-again gal-pal Nicole Richie. Well, it wasn't long before the television networks noticed and the debutantes got their own show. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment landed the ladies and 'The Simple Life' spent it's first two seasons with Paris and Nicole thrust upon a typical American family and showing us the wacky hi-jinks that resulted. With season three, 'The Simple Life: Interns', the formula has been changed… and it's not as entertaining.

Each of the season's 16 episodes has the girls working as interns in a different field of work. We get to see them as mechanics, secretaries, firefighters, and in one episode, in a career that might payoff for them later in life… plastic surgeons.

While the first two seasons of 'The Simple Life' were entertaining because of the "fish-out-of-water" premise…the idea of seeing rich, spoiled girls (who are famous solely because of who their parents are) struggling with the everyday life that the majority of the population lives… 'Interns' seems more interested in the creation of comic situations that seem more like scenes from your favorite sitcom than a reality show. For instance, while working at a funeral home the girls spill some poor family's relative's ashes and proceed to clean them up… with a vacuum cleaner, naturally.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has given us the 16 episodes of 'The Simple Life: Interns' spread over the four sides of two discs. That's right… the good ol' flipper disc. The show is presented in it's original 1:33:1 fullscreen aspect ratio. Colors are vibrant and clear with an occasional hint of edge enhancement from time to time. Pretty much what one would expect from a sitcom/reality show DVD set. Image quality doesn't seem to be as important with shows like these as it would be for a show like 'Lost' or 'Alias.'

For sound we get a standard television network-friendly Dolby 2.0 soundtrack with the levels being pretty straightforward.

As for bonus features… there are none. No promos, no bloopers, no behind-the-scenes footage. Nothing. To paraphrase Miss Hilton herself in all of her eloquence, that's not so hot.

The show is mildly entertaining… if only for the reason that it is funny to see insanely rich people try (and fail miserably, I might add) to do the things that we ordinary folks do successfully on a daily basis. FOX also seems to make sure that we leave the show convinced that Paris and Nicole are two of the least intelligent people on the face of the earth. Money, fame, famous parents… no common sense whatsoever. Is it a blessing or a curse? You decide…