The Whole Ten Yards

The Whole Ten Yards (2004)
Warner Home Video
Cast: Bruce willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Natasha Henstridge
Extras: Commentary Track, Trailer

To create the sequel to ’The Whole Nine Yards, ’ most of the cast and crew have reunited to bring us more silly hilarity. The story of the strange friendship between hitman Jimmy ’Tulip’ (Bruce Willis) and dentist Oz Oseranski (Matthew Perry) goes into the second round, as the people they cheated in the first film realize that Jimmy’s death was staged. So, knowing what a sissy Oz is, they use him to find out where he’s hiding, and of course, before you can say ’Aaah’ he leads them right down to Mexico, right into Jimmy’s dining room. From there, things get furious, wacky and outrageous.

Warner Home Video is presenting the film in separate widescreen and fullframe versions, both of which have a very clean and stable image without defects or blemishes. Colors are rich and well saturated, rendering everything very naturally, including faithful skin tones. Blacks are solid, rendering deep shadows without breaking up. No edge-enhancement or compression artifacts disturb the presentation.

The sound on the DVD is a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital mix that is quite aggressive at times and very dynamic throughout. The sound field is wide and offers a great frequency response with deep basses and clear high ends. The dynamic range is very good as well, making this a fun presentation throughout.

A commentary by director Howard Deutch and writer George Gallo is also included, in which they offer some additional insight into the production and characters. It’s no the most engaging commentary track, but still full of information and entertaining tidbits.

While ’The Whole Ten Yards’ is not as good as the previous film – in my opinion – it is nonetheless an enjoyable romp that will give you a chuckle here and there. Check it out if you’re in the mood for some light-hearted comedy that you can simply let wash over you.