Someone Like You

Someone Like You (2001)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman
Extras: Commentary Track, Extended Scenes, Alternate Ending, Featurette

Based on a novel entitled ’Animal Husbandry’, ’Someone Like You’ is a quirky romantic-comedy, which compares human relationships to those of animals. Ashley Judd stars as Jane Goodale (which is pronounced just like the famed scientist), a young go-getter who works for a TV talk show. She is immediately enthralled by new producer Ray (Greg Kinnear), much to the fascination of womanizing co-worker Eddie (Hugh Jackman). But, when Ray doesn’t turn out to be the man of Jane’s dreams, she postulates that all men are simply animals who just want to move from mate to mate. When Jane is forced to move-in with Eddie, this theory is only reinforced. Can a headstrong woman like Jane ever find true love when all men are just animals?

The good thing about ’Someone Like You’ is its refreshing take on sexual politics. Sure, the ’men are pigs’ scenario has been done countless times before, but this film revels in that idea and brings some interesting arguments to the forefront. Unfortunately, the movie never really gels. Any movie-savvy viewer will know how the film is going to end, but this inevitable conclusion rings hollow and doesn’t really make much sense. On the plus side, Judd and Jackman are very good in their roles, while Kinnear seems to be playing the same character in every movie. Actor turned director Tony Goldwyn (the voice of ’Tarzan’) keeps things moving along, but the movie has one too many musical montages. ’Someone Like You’ isn’t a total disaster, but a film which wants to make such heated arguments about human relationships should make them firmly, and not peter out at the end, as this film does.

’Someone Like You’ is presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and is enhanced for 16×9 TVs. This transfer is gorgeous, showing no distracting grain, and only one noticeable flaw from the source print. The image is very sharp and clear, revealing a true depth to the image. Also, the color scheme has been translated very well. The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio brings us clear and audible dialogue, with some atmospheric surround sound action. However, I did experience some fluctuations in volume, as the dialogue would be very low at times, with the music being much louder.

This DVD features an audio commentary by director Tony Goldwyn, in which he discusses the production of the film, the casting, and how he became a director. There are seven extended scenes, which really don’t give us any new information. However, the alternate ending actually plays better than the present ending and makes more sense. We also have a five-minute featurette, offering interviews with the cast and crew. Finally, we have the theatrical trailer, presented full-frame, and five TV spots. If you’re looking for a romantic-comedy which may spark debate between friends and lovers, then this movie may be for ’Someone Like You.’