New World Disorder

New World Disorder (1999)
York Entertainment
Cast: Rutger Hauer, Andrew McCarthy, Tara Fitzgerald
Extras: Trailer

Silicon Valley is a place where robbers don’t necessarily focus on banks, but also on the storage rooms of high tech companies. Microprocessors, memory banks and other microchips can make fortunes on the black market. ’New World Disorder’ takes such a scenario where a group of robbers steal an array of micro processors but with it also steal the secrets of an unbreakable encryption security chip. But soon the police is on their heels and a race against time begins.

This is the first DVD I have seen from York Entertainment and I was quite impressed with its visual presentation. Absolutely clean, the fullscreen transfer is beautiful and maintains a very high level of detail throughout, although a bit of grain is evident on occasion. Colors are bold and powerful and the transfer has very deep blacks that are solid, yet never lose their definition. The compression has been done very well on this DVD, leaving all the details in the picture intact without compression artifacts or pixelation.

’New World Disorder’ features a 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track that is well produced but is not nearly as active as I had expected. Occasional surround effects spice up the mix, but for the most part the sound image is centered in the front and in the stereo field. Bass extension is good and the track is free of distortion. Dialogues are well integrated and always understandable.

Although the presentation of ’New World Disorder’ on this DVD is without flaws, I have to admit that the film is a bomb. Poorly acted, illogical and riddled with inconsistencies, it can not live up to the expectations that main actor Rutger Hauer inevitably raises – and boy, did he put on some weight. The stolen microprocessors are misnomed and referred to as ’motherboards’ and ’memory chips’ by supposed hitech specialists that it’s not even funny any more. A little more research and a stronger hand in the direction of the cast would have made ’New World Disorder’ a great film, as the story certainly has its highlights. York Entertainment is clearly doing DVD right, let’s just hope they have stronger films down their pipeline.