Andy Kaufman: The Midnight Special

Andy Kaufman: The Midnight Special (1981)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Andy Kaufman
Extras: Interesting information

Sony Music is releasing bits and pieces of Andy Kaufman’s most memorable stage shows and skits on this DVD. The disc features a fullscreen presentation of his performance at the NBC Studios in Burbank. The transfer is on this disc is vibrant and boasts good colors, especially during the scenes that were lit on stage. Intermingled with the stage footage is regular footage that appears a little washed out. The compression on this disc is without artifacts, making this special better looking than ever. No pixelation is anywhere on the disc, and chroma noise is at a minimum.

“The Midnight Special” contains an English language soundtrack in Dolby Stereo and English subtitles. The audio is well produced with a natural sounding frequency response during the live act, and as expected a much more nasal, limited response during the behind the scenes footage.

All in all there can be no doubt that for fans of this comedian, Sony Music has put out a great release with this DVD. It looks and sounds great, bringing some of his best performances back into memory. With the additional interview material that can be found on this release, “Andy Kaufman: The Midnight Special” is a must have for all fans of “Saturday Night Live” humor, and of course for immediate fans of Kaufman’s work.